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Rockin Relationships 101

Nov 2, 2018

A healthy relationships starts with having a healthy relationship with YOURSELF. However, sometimes we get off track, and lose sight of what we want and where we are trying to go.  In this episode I talk about what I'm doing to get myself back on track and how it may help you as well! 

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Oct 5, 2018

Marriage is supposed to be sacred. You and your hubby/wifey are supposed to be a team! You are supposed to work together, not against each other. 

Today, I am talking about a nasty habit that many people don't realize they do and that is bashing their spouse in front of others, to other and behind closed doors. It's not...

Sep 13, 2018

Ok, single ladies, This one is for you. I have so many women tell me online dating doesn't work. They tell me all men are just looking for sex.

This isn't true! I met my husband online. On to be exact. Guess what? You can too!


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Aug 23, 2018

As a life coach so often I get asked if a marriage can survive infidelity. My personal opinion has always been yes if it hasn't happened multiple times. Today I stand corrected. Because Coach Andi has proven that a marriage can survive infidelity, even if it's been multiple times. 


Coach Andi has been so kind to offer...

Aug 12, 2018

In this episode, I talk almost PMDD. PMDD is indeed a real disorder. 

Today I talk about the symptoms of PMDD. How PMDD can affect your marriage and relationships, your job and everyday life in general.

I will also share with you some ways to make it easier and somethings that have helped me be able to control PMDD.